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  • Create customer loyalty

  • Increase revenue

  • Launch in weeks instead of years

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RentSoft Proposal for Service Providers

RentSoft offers a fully functional cloud service marketplace already stocked with leading applications. You may open a martetplace at your site and allow your users to manage subscriptions at your existed dashboard.

RentSoft platform easily integrates with your existing billing, we also adopt marketplace design to your website look and fill. So dozens of apps become available to your customers as a Value Added Services.

As your customers pay for new services from their existing billing accounts, your company becomes a trusted source of cloud solutions. Thereby you get growth of customer loyalty and average revenue per user.

Additionally new services become your competitive advantage and attract new customers for your basic service.

The best way to keep the subscriber
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  • Create customer loyalty

  • Increase revenue

  • Attract new customers

  • Launch in weeks instead of years

  • Dozens of apps in one integration

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RentSoft Delivers Leading Software to Your Customers

We deliver leading cloud and desktop software available on monthly subscription basis. Currently our catalog contains products of more than 14 software vendors.

and 14 more
software vendors

RentSoft benefits

Integration Experience

We performed more than a hundred of successfull integrations with Internet Service Providers and Software Vendors.

Application Syndication

Large and growing selection of the most popular apps becomes available to your customers after a single integration with RentSoft.

Perfect Support

We stay communicated with our partners for the integration time and after the launch. Get help as simple as pick up the phone.

Flexible Billing Rules

RentSoft billing engine connects to the ISP's and could be synchronized with your existed billing cycle of any kind.

Recommendation System

Customer portal suggests a mix of cloud services to your customers that could probably fit their needs.

Short TTM

30 days to launch a fully branded application marketplace already loaded with dozens of apps.

How to Get Started

Commonly the best way to start with RentSoft platform is sign up on this site and follow the RentSoft Integration Wizard. If you have any questions not answered on the site please contact us.

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